Assault and Capture
Fort Levi

The following information is taken from Cannon's Historical Record of the Forty-Sixth or the South Devonshire Regiment of Foot, published in London in 1851.

A large army was collected at Oswego by Lieutenant-General Amherst, which the 46th regiment joined in the afternoon of the 6th of August, 1760. The whole army embarked on the 10th of August, and the grenadiers, amounting to about six hundred men, were embodied, and placed under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel Eyre Massey of the 46th regiment. Dispositions were afterwards made for the attack of Fort Levi on L'Isle Royale, and after two day's sharp firing, the fort surrendered on the 25th of August, of which Lieutenant-Colonel Massey, with three companies of grenadiers, took possession.

After spending some days in repairing this post, and in fitting out the vessels for passing the troops down the river St. Lawrence; the most difficult part of which was now to be encountered; notwithstanding all precautions, nearly ninety men were drowned in passing the dangerous falls, and a great number of vessels broke to pieces. After a tedious voyage the British came in sight of the Island of Montreal on the 6th of September.

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